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Spoken word.
Take it as a piece of poetry; it’s cool.
Regard it as a short story; it’s interesting.
Recognize it as the truth; it’s life-changing.

That’s my story, anyway.  =)  Happy Easter!

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After some 30 years of [analyzing teaching], I have concluded that classroom teaching—particularly at the elementary and secondary levels—is perhaps the most complex, most challenging, and most demanding, subtle, nuanced, and frightening activity that our species has ever invented. In fact, when I compared the complexity of teaching with that much more highly rewarded profession, “doing medicine,” I concluded that the only time medicine even approaches the complexity of an average day of classroom teaching is in an emergency room during a natural disaster. When 30 patients want your attention at the same time, only then do you approach the complexity of the average classroom on an average day.
The wisdom of practice: essays on teaching, learning and learning to teach Lee S. Shulman (via luckyseventeen)

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I learned how to hard boil an egg today. Egg Russian Roulette is on tomorrow! =)

I learned how to hard boil an egg today. Egg Russian Roulette is on tomorrow! =)

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Easter Quotes for Inspiration

You could be doing all the right things, and life still won’t be perfect.

"You can be right smack in the middle of God’s will and still get crucified."  —Rich Wilkerson Jr. (via Brad Cooper)

But know this:

"Life is not futile.  Failure is not fatal.  Death is not final."  —Robyn Wilkerson (via Rich Wilkerson Jr.)

"On Friday Jesus seemed powerless!
On Saturday He seemed silent!
On Sunday He made His power and supremacy obvious!
Hold on!!!”  —Perry Noble

Things aren’t always what they seem to be.  Your circumstances won’t always be the same.  Hang on to hope and press on.  You’ll make it through. =)

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Finished (PBC Remix)



It is finished.

The work that was required to save you is done.

The price for your freedom has been paid.

The chains of sin, sickness, poverty, and death have been broken.

It is finished.

No longer should you feel guilty and condemned.

No longer should you live in despair.

No longer should you be without hope.

It is finished.

Joy can be yours.

Peace can be yours.

Grace and mercy can be yours.

It is finished.

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Happy Friday, everyone!

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This sentence has five words. Here are five more words. Five-word sentences are fine. But several together become monotonous. Listen to what is happening. The writing is getting boring. The sound of it drones. It’s like a stuck record. The ear demands some variety. Now listen. I vary the sentence length, and I create music. Music. The writing sings. It has a pleasant rhythm, a lilt, a harmony. I use short sentences. And I use sentences of medium length. And sometimes, when I am certain the reader is rested, I will engage him with a sentence of considerable length, a sentence that burns with energy and builds with all the impetus of a crescendo, the roll of the drums, the crash of the cymbals—sounds that say listen to this, it is important.

Gary Provost (via tuongexists)

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Words, man. Words.

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I’ve been looking for this!

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I’d guess it’s some form of y = |a*sin(b*x + c)| + dWhere:a = I’m lovin it!c = 0d = Never again….And b is unknown, so let’s assume it’s 1 because that’s easiest and we can make the horizontal scale whatever we want.So:y = |(I’m lovin it)*sin(x)| + (Never again….)


I’d guess it’s some form of

y = |a*sin(b*x + c)| + d


a = I’m lovin it!
c = 0
d = Never again….
And b is unknown, so let’s assume it’s 1 because that’s easiest and we can make the horizontal scale whatever we want.


y = |(I’m lovin it)*sin(x)| + (Never again….)

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Pep Talk (PBC Remix)



The people around you may be trying to bring you down.

“Never allow people who suck to suck the joy out of your day.”  —Karen Salmansohn

Your circumstances may be weighing you down.

"You must take personal responsibility.  You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself.  That is something you have charge of."  —Jim Rohn

If you’re down, get yourself up again.

Give yourself a pep talk.

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And the Waltz Goes On - Anthony Hopkins 

Sir Anthony Hopkins Hears The Waltz He Wrote 50 Years Ago For The First Time

Academy Award-winning actor Sir Anthony Hopkins was a musician before he got into acting. 50 years ago he wrote a waltz but was too afraid to ever hear it play. Dutch violinist André Rieu performs it for the very first time. Watch Hopkins’ reaction.

That was beautiful

I cried a few tears and felt better about humanity’s endeavors.

That as absolutely spectacular and ornate. I as well was brought to tears

Screw the article links for the moment: this is too extraordinary not to reblog right now.

Hopkins’s reactions as it plays through would have been worth the entire price of admission. And whoever did the orchestration should be congratulated for not going for anything small. (But then Rieu’s shindigs always lean toward the spectacular anyway: “small” would be out of place.)


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